Sheet Metal

Shop Drawing Automation with Rhino and Grasshopper by Daniel Giuffre

At if/Lab, digital workflows underpin our daily practice. We are continually looking to develop our tools which include optimising information from digital design models to speed up traditional shop drawing processes and achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy in the digital design workflow that support the complexities of construction.

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Rhino 3D + Grasshopper Sheet Metal Bending by Daniel Giuffre

if/LAB has extended the functionality of Rhino 3D allow for the modelling and unrolling of sheet metal. This bypasses the need for additional solid modelling software to accurately design for the fabrication of sheet metal and allows for seamless integration of design models from file to fabrication reducing time, cost and tolerances.

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Rhino 3D to Autodesk Inventor: Sheet Metal by Daniel Giuffre

if/LAB in collaboration with Denmac have developed an automated sheet metal workflow that takes design models through to fabrication by linking Rhino 3D with Autodesk’s Inventor. This process increases fabrication efficiency by reducing need for remodelling, decreasing lead times and costs, whilst increasing accuracy and adaptability to onsite and design changes.

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