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Structural Composites in Art, Architecture and Infrastructure by Brian A Nelson [PCDG #3] by Daniel Giuffre

We are happy to announce the third Perth Computational Design Group event, with two excellent speakers doing some amazing things!

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** Apologies about the terrible audio - the shotgun mic ran out of battery.

Meet the speaker..


Brian Nelson is a founding director of CHA (Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers).

Over the past decade, he has researched and applied the use of FRP composites to a range of over 30 varied structural applications, from fine art pieces to bridges. Primary drivers have been the objectives of achieving large scale, high-quality surfaced structures. These have been achieved through radically differing manufacturing approaches. Significantly, many solutions have arisen out of the conversion of projects, originally conceived of orthodox materials, to FRP. 

Technical, commercial and industrial interfacing between designer-engineer-constructor-client have required development of approaches unique to the medium.   

More recently, to further benefit from the many inherent attributes’ and efficiencies that composites offer, projects have centered on taking a mass production approach to manufacturing. 

PCDG #2 - Erica Brett: SUPERSPACE (Woods Bagot) + Charlie Boman: Roland Snooks Studio by Daniel Giuffre


We are happy to announce the second Perth Computational Design Group event, with two excellent speakers doing some amazing things!

The event was hosted at AUDRC on Tuesday 10th Sept, 2019 with a turn out of 58 attendees.

Charlie Boman - Roland Snooks Studio

Charlie Boman is graduate architect at Roland Snooks Studios and a research assistant and sessional tutor at RMIT.

Studio Roland Snooks explores the complexity of the contemporary social and natural world through the creation of objects, installations, public art and architectural projects. This work draws on an understanding of the underlying processes of formation that give rise to these contemporary conditions. The studio redeploys these processes through algorithmic techniques in the creation of highly detailed and intricate forms.

At RMIT, Charlie is involved in a body of research that explores advanced manufacturing processes. such as innovative ways of 3D printing. Charlie is currently researching cmt welding as a means of metal printing.

Erica Brett - Woods Bagot (SUPERSPACE)

**Talk is not publically available online

Erica Brett is Design Researcher with the SUPERSPACE team at Woods Bagot, where she specializes in analysis-driven design of workplace interiors. Her current projects are in developing and utilizing computational tools to evaluate and inform workplace design. Her past experience includes: creating bespoke computer applications for spatial data visualization, parametric model manipulation/fabrication, and browser-based scripting environments, as well as generative design and user-centered design research.

Erica holds an M.Arch from the University of California, Berkeley, and a BS in Architectural Design and a minor in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Automated Modeling + Drawings from Site Measurements by Daniel Giuffre

if/Lab has created a workflow for automating the modeling and documentation of panels from site measures that saves time and increases accuracy without the need for costly scanning technology- just a pen and a tape measure.

For the Forrest Chase redevelopment in Perth’s CBD, if/Lab has assisted Denmac with the documentation of sheet metal panels by creating a seamless workflow that takes site measurements and outputs models, drawings and laser cutting files. 

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