PCDG#1: Perth Computational Design Group Meetups - Introduction / by Daniel Giuffre

if/LAB recently introduced the Perth chapter of the Computational Design Group.

The event was hosted at AUDRC, The Australian Urban Design Research Centre with over 35 professionals attending from an interdisciplinary mix of backgrounds, including architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and software design.

Perth Computational Design Poster

Perth Computational Design Poster

AUDRC: Event Setup

AUDRC: Event Setup

We were fortunate to have two great speakers, Ross Donaldson and Tristan Morgan, who set the scene for future speakers.

See the talks here. (Apologies in advance for the poor recording, I’ts my first time)

As we all know, the architecture engineering and construction industry is in a state of flux fuelled by transformative shifts in technology and design.

For a number of years now, Tristan and I have been looking to set up a network of like minded people from within the industry to get together, connect with one another, and to share ideas, processes workflows and design thinking strategies amongst one another.

We came across the Sydney and Brisbane CDG meetups, and decided to reach out, to connect with them, to create a more national network, Rather than setting up a standalone event in Perth.

The idea behind these events are to keep things extremely informal with presentations limited to 20mins.

We hope to have people come speak at a session to share their developments. We are not necessarily just looking for people to present their finished projects, and rather we hope for speakers to engage with the community, sharing their insights and thinking across current projects which is the most exciting times.

If anyone where is interested in speaking at a future event, we would love for you to put your hand up and help keep this event running.

Some ideas for future talks.

·         designing for building performance,

·         robots and micro controllers (of any sort),

·         design to production, digital fabrication

·         controlling buildings in use,

·         clever ways of making things,

·         data analysis and data visualisations,

·        optimisation and simulation,

·         interesting ways of representing things (VR, AR, etc)

·         machine learning/AI,

·         other things that we haven't thought of.


Visit the link below to stay tuned for the next event.